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VMware Explore 2022 – My Journey!

by Tommy Grot

An early morning on August 28th, 2022, I got ready and drove toward Denver International Airport. Got there at 3AM. Then went on my way to the gate and was ready and excited to be at VMware Explore! When I was on my flight, I met two guys on my flight that were as well attending VMware Explore as they were local to Denver.

When we arrived at San Francisco it was a busy day with lots of exploration and adventures, the two guys I met on the plane we all got to explore San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge and check out the Pier! We were all patiently waiting to get to our hotels and get our VMware Explore badges that Sunday we arrived! Monday came around the corner, I was so excited to go to the Moscone Convention Center and start exploring! I met even more people and even tagged along with many VMware employees! I have attended so many breakout sessions, and HOL events. It was hard to keep track of time. The General Session at Explore was amazing with the creativity and intros and how everything was laid out and well-presented it was amazing to experience it in person!
Picture of General Session – thousands of people were coming in!
The first day The Expo opened up!
I had the pleasure of meeting lots of other people and being able to collab and exchange knowledge and experiences. During my week with all the busy events, breakout sessions, I had meetings setup with a lot of the Vice Presidents & Management members of many of the Business Units within VMware (VMware Cloud Foundation, R&D Engineering, NSX ALB Team, VP of Products, Engineers and even the creator of VMware Cloud Director himself! ) It was a blast! and being able to exchange information and show case what I have been architecting and engineering a solution for my work. As with all those meetings going on, my most favorite was meeting Mark Gabryjelski #23 VCDX! He is Polish! just as I am, he and I got to geek out and show him my home lab! I even started the thought and goal I want to achieve, of being a VMware Certified Design Expert myself! Here I come for the VCDX!
(Me on Left, Mark Gabryjelski, VCDX#23 on right Right)
Overall, my experience at VMware Explore was amazing with the 41 Miles of walking I did, I can go on with so much more detail and keep talking about it but it might become a book! The VMware Party at the Chase Center Arena was awesome, tons of yummy food and tons of people! Local bands and DJ were playing live music!
                                                             THE PARTY!

VMware Explore 2023 – Here I come!

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