VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4.0 Offline Bundle Walkthrough

by Tommy Grot

Tonights blog post is on how to upload a offline bundle into SDDC.

Go to Drivers & Tools

Download Bundle Transfer Utility

Upload the Bundle Utility tool to SDDC Manager appliance via WINSCP or SCP.

Change Director to


Then run the command below to generate a marker file (This lets the bundle utility know what is needed to be downloaded)

./lcm-bundle-transfer-util --generateMarker

Then open up WINSCP and connect to SDDC Manager (Login as VCF user)

Once you copeid them from the /root/ directory to your home/vcf directory, then refresh your WinSCP window and you shall see the marker file.

If you do run into permission issues, elevate from vcf to root via ” su ” , type in password and then once your as root, run these commands.

chmod 777 markerFile
chmod 777 markerFile.md5
chown vcf:vcf markerFile
chown vcf:vcf markerFile.md5

Then copy the two maker files into your vcf directory on C:\

Run the command, you will see a long list of bundles-(xxxxx) to download, some will be patches, and installs, but you want the correct version for your VCF Bill of Materials.

Run the command below

./lcm-bundle-transfer-util -upload -bundleDirectory /nfs/vmware/vcf/nfs-mount/offlinebundle

Thats all! Now let the bundles keep getting ingested, this will take a bit depending on the amount of bundles.

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