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Upgrading Processors in a Dell PowerEdge R740

by Tommy Grot

Tonight’s blog post is just a hardware upgrade, I was able to get ahold of 2 Intel Gold Xeon 5118 for a really good price on ebay. They arrived a day ago and got a chance to swap the Intel Xeon Silver 4110 to these Gold’s and they are beefy and great performance and power consumption!


Power Consumption with 2 Intel Gold’s

Front View

Internal View of the Dell PowerEdge R740 ( this is a 16 bay version)

Air shroud cover is off, currently the Intel Xeon Silvers are still in the server!
CPU’s are out!
Cleaning up with Arctic Clean Thermal compound remover

Cleaning up any dust! 🙂

That is it! Server powered up and have seen zero issues, really nice CPU upgrade – it went smooth and really quick took 15 minutes.

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