Setting Up – Nested ESXi 6.7 on vSAN

by Tommy Grot

Today we will be installing Nested ESXi 6.7 on vSAN.

This is not a supported type of deployment for Production Environments. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Before Installing ESXi 6.7 – There will be a requirement to add an ESXCLI command via SSH on each host that is apart of the vSAN Cluster

To Enable SSH on ESXi 6.7 – Go to desired host. Click on Configure -> System -> Services -> Click on SSH and click Start.

 esxcli system settings advanced set -o /VSAN/FakeSCSIReservations -i 1 

After the command is inputted. Continue Installation.

After installation – Setup ESXi to have Static IP Address
Once IP address is set, Apply the settings and Select Y – Yes ( This will not interrupt VM traffic only Management)

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